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One Stop Order Processing Trial (V2.0.0.37 - Build 1998) - Guide
Release notes , Video of Changes
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One Stop Order Processing (V2.0.0.37 - Build 1995) - Guide
Release notes , Video of Changes
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One Stop Order Processing (V2.0.0.38 - Build 2017) - more info

Changes in this version include:

Website Support
. Support added for MyHermes
. Views added for DPD and Interlink
. Added pickup time option to UKMail
. Added support for customized order item details for Actinic
. Support added for ASOS, Weebley and Flubit
. RoyalMail Click and Drop and Shopify guides updated

Other Features
. Option added to allow current stock to be included in Automatic Stock Reorder Level Calculations
. When importing orders they can be processed in batches (e.g. have a separate picking list for every 50 orders), available in Premium
. Customise button added to Product Management
. Allow Product Import header to be defined for a product import (to allow alternate headers to be used for product import)
. New Product Import headers added to allow stock stock to be added or removed from current stock level
. New and Repeat Orders can now be marked as paid on creation
. Sales Reports, Picking Lists can now show the main product title (rather than the order's product title), using the [%PRODUCT_TITLE%] macro
. Easier access to database maintenance features
. Different senders (email addresses) can now be specified for Emails using the [%EMAIL_SENDER_NAME%], [%EMAIL_REPLY_ADDRESS%] macros in the email setup and then setting values in Printing Field Options
. Tracking numbers can optionally be removed from orders (sent to Ebay, Amazon, Shopify or Magento) by using the {REMOVE} macro in default tracking number field
. Courier Test conditions added (less than and equal to and greater than or equal to) for Courier rules
. Easily send (encrypted) log files to Support (using Help->Information Logs->Send logs to Support menu option)

Bug fixes
. Fixed issue adding or removing fields from the product management view
. Fixed issue where the wrong invoice format was used when automatically printing out orders from a different site that isn't the current default site
. Fixed issue with SellerDeck tax exclusive discount codes taking off double tax
. Fixed issue with some Amazon German characters were not displayed correctly
. Using a manual import Magento order import now saves the 'Prompt for filename' option
. Corrected issue with filtering on Product Selling Channel
. Improved error messages on database backup
. Product Import header names are now case insensitive
. Improved quality of UKMail Courier Label
. Problems fixed for Some new Amazon orders incorrectly being temporarily marked as shipped
. Ebay product stock levels now correctly updated when the Ebay token is renewed (every 18 months)
. Problem fixed for exported report details using invalid characters
. Main logfile (MoleLog.txt) is archived at regular intervals. This improved performance

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