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View configuration
If you would like us to setup any of your views for One Stop Order Processing we can help

Setting up a view can include mappings for different courier options (e.g. expedited orders marked as UKMail and Standard with RoyalMail), mapping different values for the postage paid by your customers, or adding custom values to match how you would like how to process orders (e.g. custom fields that show the member of staff processing an order).

Please contact us for a cost to amend (or create) a view to your requirements. Please send us a description of what you want to see in the view

The cost is from £30 + VAT for basic setups (e.g. Ebay, Amazon, downloading and shipment confirmations) to £120 + VAT for more complex view setups (e.g. RoyalMail DMO).

We will either send you a new One Stop Order Processing view to import or for more complex setups we will use Teamviewer to remotely control your PC.  

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