One Stop Order Processing Release Notes for Version

Website Support
. Magento orders can now optionally use OSOP product weights when importing
. Actinic Online Item Discounts now supported
. Different Tax settings now available for custom imports (e.g. Discounts can be Tax inclusive and Order details Tax exclusive)
. Support added for ParcelHub
. Support added for Amazon customized listings
. Support added for SellerDeck 2018

Other Features
. Product SKU mappings can now be verified from within each product
. Product amendment date can now be shown in Product Management
. Ebay Product import can now be restricted to only products sold on a specific Ebay site
. Views can now be directly accessed from View menu (and default views can be restored)
. Fields to show for all products in Manage Products can now be changed
. Total weight for a product including all components is now included on the main Product page
. Macros can now be used for Courier User IDs, Accounts and Passwords. This allows multiple accounts to be used for each courier
. You can now add/amend tracking number details to orders that have been sent to Couriers
. Added support to attach invoices, packing lists (etc.) as PDF

Bug fixes
. County is now passed correctly to Royal Mail for International orders (e.g. for Canada and Japan)
. Provide more information for Ebay failing to update stock levels
. Product Validation speed improved
. Problem fixed where deleted (and not purged) products stock was being updated
. Order database integrity check added to Compact and Repair orders database option
. When importing previously shipped Amazon orders they now show the correct shipment date
. Amazon fulfilment days is now not affected when updating stock
. Products where stock level is NOT based on components stock now works correctly
. Original SKU for order lines are now archive correctly
. Problem fixed with stock updates when stock level reaches 0
. Issue fixed where product details can be overwritten if Automation is set to automatically start
. The type of the Printing Field value comparison is now saved correctly
. Stock levels for products that use components (on multiple products) are now updated correctly
. Tracking numbers now sent to Shopify correctly
. Advanced Rules now work on Remote Site orders