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Release Notes

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support added for MyHermes
. Views added for DPD and Interlink
. Added pickup time option to UKMail
. Added support for customized order item details for Actinic
. Support added for ASOS, Weebley and Flubit
. RoyalMail Click and Drop and Shopify guides updated

Other Features
. Option added to allow current stock to be included in Automatic Stock Reorder Level Calculations
. When importing orders they can be processed in batches (e.g. have a separate picking list for every 50 orders), available in Premium
. Customise button added to Product Management
. Allow Product Import header to be defined for a product import (to allow alternate headers to be used for product import)
. New Product Import headers added to allow stock stock to be added or removed from current stock level
. New and Repeat Orders can now be marked as paid on creation
. Sales Reports, Picking Lists can now show the main product title (rather than the order's product title), using the [%PRODUCT_TITLE%] macro
. Easier access to database maintenance features
. Different senders (email addresses) can now be specified for Emails using the [%EMAIL_SENDER_NAME%], [%EMAIL_REPLY_ADDRESS%] macros in the email setup and then setting values in Printing Field Options
. Tracking numbers can optionally be removed from orders (sent to Ebay, Amazon, Shopify or Magento) by using the {REMOVE} macro in default tracking number field
. Courier Test conditions added (less than and equal to and greater than or equal to) for Courier rules
. Easily send (encrypted) log files to Support (using Help->Information Logs->Send logs to Support menu option)

Bug fixes
. Fixed issue adding or removing fields from the product management view
. Fixed issue where the wrong invoice format was used when automatically printing out orders from a different site that isn't the current default site
. Fixed issue with SellerDeck tax exclusive discount codes taking off double tax
. Fixed issue with some Amazon German characters were not displayed correctly
. Using a manual import Magento order import now saves the 'Prompt for filename' option
. Corrected issue with filtering on Product Selling Channel
. Improved error messages on database backup
. Product Import header names are now case insensitive
. Improved quality of UKMail Courier Label
. Problems fixed for Some new Amazon orders incorrectly being temporarily marked as shipped
. Ebay product stock levels now correctly updated when the Ebay token is renewed (every 18 months)
. Problem fixed for exported report details
using invalid characters
. Main logfile (MoleLog.txt) is archived at regular intervals. This improved performance
. Improved performance of printing (temporary file creation)
. Improved titles in Results dialogs

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Magento orders can now optionally use OSOP product weights when importing
. Actinic Online Item Discounts now supported
. Different Tax settings now available for custom imports (e.g. Discounts can be Tax inclusive and Order details Tax exclusive)
. Support added for ParcelHub
. Support added for Amazon customized listings
. Support added for SellerDeck 2018

Other Features
. Product SKU mappings can now be verified from within each product
. Product amendment date can now be shown in Product Management
. Ebay Product import can now be restricted to only products sold on a specific Ebay site
. Views can now be directly accessed from View menu (and default views can be restored)
. Fields to show for all products in Manage Products can now be changed
. Total weight for a product including all components is now included on the main Product page
. Macros can now be used for Courier User IDs, Accounts and Passwords. This allows multiple accounts to be used for each courier
. You can now add/amend tracking number details to orders that have been sent to Couriers
. Added support to attach invoices, packing lists (etc.) as PDF

Bug fixes
. County is now passed correctly to Royal Mail for International orders (e.g. for Canada and Japan)

. Provide more information for Ebay failing to update stock levels
. Product Validation speed improved
. Problem fixed where deleted (and not purged) products stock was being updated
. Order database integrity check added to Compact and Repair orders database option
. When importing previously shipped Amazon orders
they now show the correct shipment date
. Amazon fulfilment days is now not affected when updating stock
. Products where stock level is NOT based on components stock now works correctly

. Original SKU for order lines are now archive correctly
. Problem fixed with stock updates when stock level reaches 0
. Issue fixed where product details can be overwritten if Automation is set to automatically start
. The type of the Printing Field value comparison is now saved correctly
. Stock levels for products that use components (on multiple products) are now updated correctly
. Tracking numbers now sent to Shopify correctly
. Advanced Rules now work on Remote Site orders

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Direct support added for Magento (1.5 to 1.9)
. Option added to allow One Stop Order Processing to wait for Amazon to confirm orders have been shipped correctly
. Cancelled Amazon orders can now be processed (marked as Cancelled in One Stop Order Processing)
. Added support for Cdiscount
. Improved support for EKMPowershop (multi line orders)
. Support added for Royal Mail Click and Drop
. Support added for Amazon Australia
, Japan (English) Mexico, Brazil and India
. Amazon order import can be restricted to specific Amazon website (e.g. only import orders to manage the tax
. Added support for UKMail (including courier label creation and printing)
. Support added for Xero Accounting

Other Features
. Total number of orders of each colour can now be shown
. Products can be validated to remove redundant and duplicate Product SKU mappings
. Invoices, Packing Lists and Purchase Orders have been updated to automatically support up to 200 items per order
. Custom Couriers can now have different Services added
. Printing Fields can now be copied (useful when creating different conditional macros)
. Importing website products with matching (auto combined) SKUs are now reported
. Backup options added to Configuration Wizard
. Order confirmation added for marking orders as shipped on websites (e.g. Ebay, Amazon)
. Orders can now be filtered on Sales Name (or Shop Type)
. Generate Repeat Order option added (by selecting an existing order)
. Invoices, Packing Lists and Purchase Orders are now printed in the same order as show on the screen

Bug fixes
. Problem fixed with importing products with html in Product Descriptions
. Automatic Stock Reorder Level calculation defaults can now be selected correctly
. Correct currency sent to Royal Mail International for CN22 and CN23 documentation

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support updated for OnBuy
. Amazon multiple order discount combinations now supported
. Support for Amazon’s Tax Calculation Service

Other Features
. Added support for small address labels
. Inline editing added to the Product list, including batch product update
. Improved Product export, including Stock and Price export
. Small Label Printer support added for address labels
. Picking List can now be sorted by Title
. Product Stock level changes can now be logged
. Allow Courier Labels to be included in Emails
. When adding Stock websites can automatically be updated
. Product stock levels can be retrieved from specific websites
. Allow stock to updated on a specific site
. Packing Slips added for Integrated Label formats IL1 and AP4
. Up to 7 Custom Couriers now supported
. Weights can now be entered up to 4 decimal places (e.g. 0.0004)
. Custom forms CN22 and CN24 now support custom order values

Bug fixes
. Courier Rules are now re-run if orders are automatically merged
. OSOP import now supports up to 200 lines per order
. Problems using SQL 'Like' and using Macros in Advanced Order Processor now fixed
. On main screen Courier Services are now limited to only show those for the currently selected Courier

. Shipping orders with a specific date now use current time
. Field lists can now be disabled (once enabled)
. Multiple orders can now be updated for orders using the list type
Features introduced in version

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support for Amazon Prime Logistics added
. Added support for Yodel Domestic and International (including courier label creation and printing)
. Custom Couriers can now be selected for Rules
. Support added for OnBuy
. Stock control is now optional for Amazon FBA orders
. Direct support added for Shopify

Other Features
. Allow average order weight to automatically be calculated couriers
. Macros added for Import date and original quantities ([%QTY_ORIG_PRODUCTS%] for Sales Reports, [%IMPORT_DATE%] for Invoices etc.)
. OSOP import macros added to support names and addresses as a single entry (Customer Name and Customer Address fields)
. Courier rules can now use a 'Is one of' and 'Is not one of', to allow lists of values to be used in tests (e.g. Austria,Spain)
. Couriers can now be selected on size of order (using Maximum Width, Height and Depth)
. RoyalMail CN22 and CN23 labels can have different Tariff codes and quantities
. Max Online Stock Level to Display feature added. Useful feature designed create demand for your products
. Picking List button added to main screen
. Option added for CSV export to automatically remove any new lines included in order details
. Rebranding of products completed. Standard and Standard Plus version of One Stop Order Processing merged to create One Stop Order Processing Professional.

Bug fixes
. Viewable website SKU lists are now updated when products are automatically linked together
. Imported and automatically created products now use the product stock defaults
. Allow labels to be cancelled for Couriers (if created on a different account)
. Improved error messages when changing One Stop Order Processing Sites
. Improved data access speed
. Problem fixed for shipping time on Amazon in certain time zones
. Improved support for some Ebay Stock Level Warnings
. Problem fixed with Product stock default values being reset
. ZIP codes and non UK postcodes are now formatted correctly
. Problem resolved saving custom entered order values with default values more than 255 characters long
. Problem fixed where Shipping Courier and Service is not being defaulted when set in Options

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Ebay Seller Notes can now be imported into One Stop Order Processing
. Ebay Selling Manager address changes and notes are now imported
. Order details can now be exported to Parcel2Go
. Test labels can now be created for RoyalMail
. Ebay Global Shipping Fees (paid for by Buyer) are now not shown on invoices

Other Features
. Support added for using 6 x 4 labels (Label Printer and Integrated Labels CL1)
. OSOP format orders can now use a product's VAT rate when importing orders (e.g. so some products can have a 0% VAT rate)
. Easier selection of courier services
. Additional text can now be displayed on Courier Labels (Royal Mail 2D DMO Label)

. Improved view management
. Improved support for ISO country codes
. Order and product totals can now be included on Picking Lists
. Menu option added to allow selected orders to be automatically combined
. Option added to allow you to confirm printing before labels are printing
. Option added to allow you to hide the results window when you send orders to the courier unless an error occurs
. Inline editing added to the Main order list, including selecting from values from drop down lists and batch order update
. Products with different SKUs can now be easily linked together, so stock levels can be shared
. Stock levels are now updated correctly for components shared over multiple products

Bug fixes
. Problem resolved for importing Amazon FBA orders that are part shipped from different warehouses at different times
. Amazon orders now show the correct shipping status when orders are automatically imported and some orders are shipping from Amazon
. Only include orders where payment made option now works for all import types
. Improved order filtering
. Deleting products now correctly updates Order Type SKUs in related products
. If an order is deleted stock levels are adjusted correctly if the product has components (and it shows the components on the invoice)
. Problem resolved importing Rakuten orders where more than 1 of a product is ordered

. Autocombined orders ignores already shipped orders
. Weights less than 100 grammes are now imported correctly from Ebay
. Problem resolved where the import or products window was not sometimes shown

Features introduced in version

Website Support

. All Products being sold can now be imported from Amazon
. Fixed issue of importing ekmPowershop orders
. Improved Product Import from Ebay (including variations support) Other Features
. Shortcuts added for printing current view and unselecting all orders
. Paid and Not Shipped filter added to main orders selection
. Problem resolved where the total orderlines was not updated for combined orders
. Total Order Lines added to Invoices, Packing Slips, Picking List etc.
. Formula can now be used in all Reports (e.g. Picking List and Stock Valuation Reports)
. Custom entered order fields can now be used in Reports (e.g. Picking List)
. Problem fixed where average weight was prompted for every International Royal Mail order
. Advanced Order Processor Rules can now include changes to customer details
. Auto combining of orders options Include details of orders in memo value now saved
. Problem fixed for Product Stock Automatic Reorder Level Calculation
. Newly created products now have a default pack size of 1
. Improved Product Validation Report
. Product Images can now be shown Picking Lists
. Couriers can now have multiple labels per order
. Menu option added to End of Day Manifest to be run
. Problem resolved with using multiple SKUs for same product on same Selling Platform

Features introduced in version

Website Support

. Ebay Variations can now use Ebay Online Stock Control
. All Products being sold can now be imported from Ebay
. Combined orders from different sales channels can now be marked as shipped (to the relevant sales channel)Other Features
. Option added to allow files to be included in macros (e.g. to use different invoices for different sales channels)
. Problem resolved for products that used SKU mapping
. Automatically send consignment details and print labels for Royal Mail Domestic and International (using new 2D barcode label format)
. Order Processing tasks summary is now shown in the Import Orders dialog
. Print button added to Product Management
. Picking List sort order problem resolved
. Problem fixed for printing invoices, packing lists etc. in batches
. Printing Field order not being saved issue resolved
. Orders can now have a specific size (Width, Length and Height)
. Option added to automatically remove Header and Footer text when printing
. Resolved Advanced Order Processing processing issues

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Automatically import all product details (e.g. images) when importing orders
. Improved product SKU management
. Order details can now be exported to myHermes
. Tesco Direct orders can now be imported
. Groupon support added
. Improved support for Ebay Product Variations
. Custom Import (OSOP) custom payment options added
Improved order type support
. Automatically update stock levels on Ebay and Amazon

. Problem resolved for
shipping merged Amazon orders
Improved Amazon automatic order import
. Problem resolved for Ebay html encoded values
. Problem resolved for some Ebay orders having an error showing duplicate Tracking IDs
. Support added for eBay Plus
. Ebay orders from Western European now show characters correctly
. Improved language support (support added for UTF-8 order files)
. Amazon FBA orders are now imported in correct order
. Support added for Sellerdeck Tax Point Date and Invoice Number
Sellerdeck 2016 (including Enterprise) is now supported

. Amazon orders can now show their shipping status
. Improved Ebay order SKU management
Other Features
. Optionally edit an order when viewing order
. Total order lines now shown on main display
. Products can now have Width, Height and Depth

Automatic Stock Reorder levels now include components that aren't shown on invoices
. Option added to show products that a component is used in
. Supplier Stock reports now additionally sort by item SKUs
. Advanced order processing available for selected orders
. Support added for Dymo label printers
. Automatic order weight calculation now includes component weights not shown on the order
. Marketing features added for Premium version
. Improved DMO and UPS support for accented characters

. Orders to the same address can automatically be combined
. Short cuts shown in main menu now work correctly
. Feature added to allow easy set up of Online Stock Control

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Automatically mark Amazon orders as Shipped
. Problem fixed with some Ebay orde
rs not automatically being marked as shipped
. Support added for Rakuten
. Latest version of X-Cart support added (Version
4 and 5)

. Fixed problem importing Actinic Desktop V9 orders
. Support added for Magento 1.9
. Support added to automatically update Ebay orders paid status
. Problem resolved with shipping Ebay or Amazon orders with components
. Shipping Amazon orders with amended quantities now works

Other Features
. Improved default shipping information

. VAT is now not split for Channel Islands that use postcodes
. When orders are shipped from
an order's Shipping tab Ebay or Amazon is now updated
. New message and additional fields added for every order item line
. Menu option added to show Macros
. Problem fixed for View fields being blank if importing from 'Check for New Views' option
. Email settings are now saved correctly from the Quick Setup Wizard
. Product Validation Report Added
. Problem fixed where the default currency is not being used for custom imports
. View added to allow order details to be exported to ParcelForce
. Problem fixed importing Delivery Firstname and Delivery LastName fields in OSOP format

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Ebay Click and Collect at Argos support added
. Ebay Global Shipping Programme
support added
. Ebay Orders with Warnings are now imported
. Fi
x for problem importing Amazon FBA orders
. New option to stop Invoices and Packing Lists being
printed for Amazon FBA orders
Problem fixed for Amazon orders being imported into wrong OSOP site
. Custom import format (OSOP) now supports Courier and Tracking details

. Impr
oved performance importing Amazon and Ebay orders
. Automated Amazon
order import can now process FBA orders and update shipped status (from Amazon)
. Suppor
t added for Shopify
. New Zealand and South African currencies now supported
. Amazon Unshipped orders can now be used to update order shipped status

Other Features
. An error message is now shown when orders can not be exported
. Problem fixed with activating some new licenses
. Problem fixed with picking lists not showing correct details
. Orders can now be combined (merged)

. Problem fixed with editting orders from some computers
. Invoices and Packing Slips have been updated
. Wholesale customers feature added
. Customers in Manage Customers can now show all their previous orders
. Improved invoice, packing list and purchase order selection, including new Avery labels option
. When adding stock the currently selected product is now used
. Email sent flags can now be changed (and viewed to see which emails have been sent to a customer)
. You can now rename the orders import file

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Fix for problem automatically downloading orders from Amazon website (due to change on Amazon website)
. Fix to correctly import Actinic Desktop / Sellerdeck Enterprise (SQL Server) orders
. Ebay buyer notes are now imported (using Professional (or Higher) version)
. Orders imported directly from Ebay (using Professional or higher) now import the order time (e.g. 9:37) aswell as the date. Shipment times and dates are also imported
. Improved order import support for ISO currencies and Australian Ebay
. Orders can now be imported from SellerDeck 2014
. OsCommerce import now supports product options and attributes

Other Features
. Automatic Stock Reorder Levels incorrect for products with multiple SKUs now fixed

. How to show Product Custom Values in Stock Reports (e.g. Stock Reorder Report)
. Create Stock Reports with a Page Break between each supplier
. Create Stock Reports for a specific supplier
. Create Picking Lists for a specific supplier
. Print Invoices, Packing Slips etc. from Archived Sites. Company Details and Printing Fields are now copied to Archive Sites
. All field order values can now set to different types (Text, Number, Date or Price)
. When adding product stock you can now amend other product details

. Adding stock now uses the correct main product (if multiple SKUs are used)
. Resolved problem with product quantities on Picking List
. Option added to not overwrite order colour when re-importing orders
. Problem fixed with views sometimes losing names when reimporting the same view
. Option added to allow blank lines to be kept in the customer's address when copying to the clipboard

. Cancelled and On Hold order options added (for Professional or higher versions)
. 24 Signed for, 48 Signed for, International, International 2nd Class or International Economy PPI support added
. New Company Logo support added

. Warning added when more than maximum import types used
. Different product sales channel types can now be managed correctly
. Fixed problem with manually creating product with same as SKU as an existing product
. Automatic and batch cancelling/holding orders (for Premium or higher versions)

. Total number of items ordered can now be displayed on Invoices, Packing lists, Emails
. Problem fixed where unpaid order colour was not being applied (when Close and Process Orders is used on Import dialog)
. Find macro has been updated to return the location of the word within other text Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Automatically mark Ebay orders as Shipped (and add customer feedback)
. Problems importing ekmPowershop orders
. SellerDeck/Actinic Desktop products with different options can now be created with Unique SKUs
. SellerDeck/Actinic Desktop (EPOS) barcodes are now used (if setup) as the One Stop Order Processing (OSOP) product EANs
. Stock levels can be updated on Ebay and Amazon (using a CSV export)

Other Features
. Import custom order types with up to 20 order item attributes (additional item desciption values)
. Non shipped items incorrectly show on Packing Lists
. Can't use OSOP Order Type SKU for importing orders
. You can now store up to 25 Stored Filters (requires Professional or higher)

. Instant filtering and other improved filtering options
. Improved names for order payment details
. Courier and tracking details available on orders
. Improved Order Views. Each view can now have its own default values and name

Features introduced in version

Website Support

. Support for different VAT rates for importing order items
. Support for Automatic importing of Ebay orders from all sites (including Sandbox)
. PlayTrade now supports non VATable countries
. Ebay format now supports ISO currency formats
. Ebay order product VAT rates can now be used
. New PlayTrade format supported (and Delivery method)
Improved Automatic download for Amazon SellerCentral orders
Professional support for OSOP format (automatic download of website order files)
. New Actinic Online/Oxatis format support

Other Features
. Support for Quickbooks 2013 and 2014 and improved customer invoice details
. Support for Avery 8173 (10 labels per sheet)
. Problem fixed so that more than 100 different import types can be created
. UKraine is now shown for non UK addresses when printed
. Blank comparators now work in macros (for screen and printing)
. Enhanced email status flag support (in Email templates)
. Additional fields for OSOP import format to support separate fields for item attributes (e.g. colour, size) and additional delivery instructions
. Improved import format selection
. Orders can now be exported to remote servers (including websites)
. Actinic Desktop/SellerDeck cancelled order line items now supported

Features introduced in version

Website Support

. Support for Ebay Canada
. Support for multi-line PinnacleCart orders
. Fixed problems with names and shipping instructions for Actinic OnLine orders
. Supports new Ebay Delivery Service format
Paypal orders now import Shipping charges correctly

Other Features
. Each order can now have its own customer details (allows address amendments to not affect other order's addresses)
. Sequential Invoice numbers (and product SKUs) can now be centralised for all users

. Release of Professional. This allows for automatic order import and order processing
. Professional also allows complex order filters to be created and saved
. Manual order creation speed improved
. Country name mappings improved
. Order colour value can now be displayed (as a number) in a view
. Support for new RoyalMail 24 and 48 PPIs
. Status filter now supports unpaid orders
. Sales, Profit and Stock Valuation Reports now support multi-currency

Features introduced in version

Website Support

. Roman Cart Sourced field is now imported into Feedback Left field

Other Features
. Support for product components (including component stock control)
. Support added for SMTP SSL servers

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support for Canadian currency
. Actinic Customer User defined customer details imported into Customer Code. Can be included in emails etc. using [%INV_CODE%] and [%DEL_CODE% ]

Other Features
. Email addresses in Email Templates can now use macros in CC field (e.g. use any other field to take email address from using macro,
. Invoice, Packing List and Purchase Orders can now display addresses in EU format (for non UK/US addresses)
. Imported orders are created with the Import name (called Sales Name). Allows orders from the same sales format (e.g. Ebay) to have different names. Sales name can be used in filtering, emails etc. using [%SALES_NAME%]
. Field calculations and conditional macros can now be used on Invoice, Packing Lists, Emails and Tracking
. Macros (both screen and printing, email etc.) now support nested and multiple processing (e.g. [%TOTAL_WEIGHT%][*]2[+]1)
. When html invoices, packing lists or purchase orders are emailed any referenced CSS files are embedded into the file sent
. New RoyalMail PPIs supported, including Economy

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support for different osCommerce date formats

Other Features
. Support for Lite version
. Allow email and telephone number to not be included when customer details are copied (to clipboard)

. Quickbooks link can now transfer customer names, products and shipping details. Also supports Quickbooks 2012
. Improved order export management
. Support for Avery 8173 (10 labels per sheet)

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support for Actinic Online/Oxatis
Support for Pinnacle Cart
. Support for osCommerce/CreLoaded orders where Totals are Tax inclusive, Items are Tax exclusive
. Amazon orders now show which Amazon website order was purchased from (e.g. (in the Listed On field).
. OSOP import format now supports firstname and lastname
. Support for additional X-Cart import fields
. Feedback fields can now be up to 255 characters
. Interspire customer notes now put into notes field (aswell as feedback field)
. Support for latest RomanCart order format
. Support for Paypal orders

Other Features
. All supplier details (e.g. supplier telephone number) can now be included on Reports (e.g. Stock Reorder report)
. Option added to only adjust stock when orders are paid
. When importing orders they can be marked as unshipped and any unpaid orders can have their colour changed
. Stock reports can be ordered by Supplier
. Support for up to 200 order lines for an order
. Additional Invoice and Packing List for Document Enclosed Wallets
. Support for customer invoice and delivery VAT codes (using [%INVOICE_VAT_NUMBER%] and [%DELIVERY_VAT_NUMBER%] macros)
. Improved display performance by restricting number of orders shown
. Printing macro definitions can default from last defined printing field macro
. All imported orders are now selected and processed after importing

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Additional X-Cart versions supported
. Ebay Order Item Variations supported
. Custom order import (OSOP) can now have VAT calculated (and added) to orders
. Support for Ebay orders with same order number (from multiple Ebay accounts)
. osCommerce Tax exclusive prices supported
. Ebay Seller ID is now included when orders are imported
. Support for Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online (DMO)
. Support for ekmPowershop
. Additional support for Magento
Multiple import types can now be created (e.g. more than 1 Ebay import type or multple custom imports)
. Interspire now supports different tax countries
. New Ebay Interchange format supported
. Support for manually adjusted Actinic discounts
. Refunds for osCommerce now calculate VAT correctly
. RomanCart imports now support declined transactions
. Actinic V11 (including Enterprise) supported with order tracking details

Other Features
. Different tax calculation rounding options
Refunds can have shipping details applied
. All 50 custom entered values can now be updated for every order (from Custom Values tab)
. Colour of the selected orders can be changed
. Columns can be sorted using case insensitively
. Refunds can optionally put items back into stock
. Order amendments automatically adjust stock levels
. Support for Despatch Note style invoice (suitable for larger Integrated Labels)
. Order import options can be different for each import type (e.g. different tax setups)
. Names of import types can be changed (e.g. OSOP can be changed to MyOrders)
. SMTP authentication types can be manually changed (e.g. MD5)
. Using return key In Customer and Product Management screens Find and Filter fields is handled correctly
. Products can now be sold in different pack sizes (e.g. sell 1 case and deduct 12 items from stock)
. Picking Lists can now also be ordered by Customer name or Order number
. Individual order line items can be shipped

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support for EBay France
. Support for Bulk Ebay Shipping Confirmations (requires Selling Manager Pro)
. Export in Fedex and UPS courier format
. More versions of X-Cart formats supported
. osCommerce imports now support different paid statuses
. Support for different Actinic product component setups (all versions)
. Support for Interspire 6.1
. Updated Magento Support
Support for Telephone number for osCommerce

Other Features
. Predictive Stock Reorder Levels (based on existing sales)
. Stock defaults can be set for all products (and new products)
. Product VAT rates and retail prices can be changed in bulk
. Easily update stock levels (using SKU or EAN/barcode)
. Different fonts (and sizes) can be used to display Order, customer and product lists
. Order and invoice number can now shown on invoices form xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx

. Picking Lists and Sales Reports can now show all customer details (e.g. postcode)
. Add additional details, including custom values to products (can also be shown on invoices, packing lists etc.).
. Orders and Products can now be optionally automatically purged
. Auto archive can now archive up to 1,000,000 orders at the same time
. Support added for up to 1,000,000 orders
. Improved performance when importing orders
When finding orders you can choose to untick all previously ticked orders
. Invoices, Packing Lists and Purchase Orders can now show tax inclusive prices (for retail sales)
. You can now use nested calculations and comparators in field macros

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. X-Cart
Support for Actinic V10 (including Enterprise)
. Support for up to 20 simultaneous Actinic Sites (all versions)
. Actinic Cost Price is imported with order details (optionally)
. Support for exporting to Quickbooks (IIF). Supports Quickbooks 2002-2007 and 2008 (except Simple Start).
. Support for exporting to Sage (CSV). Supports all versions (except Sage Invoicing and Start-Up).
. Amazon US.
Support for DHL EasyShip.
. CSV export for Tradebox.
. Print Post Office Proof of Posting sheet.

Other Features
. Product Supplier facilities added including, supplier purchase orders and emails.
. Product and Supplier details can now be shown on invoices and in emails.
. Customers and Suppliers can now be managed (added, removed, amended, imported and exported).
. Purchase orders.
. Automatic generation of PPIs (Printed Postage Impressions) to fit onto peel off labels.
Automatic creation of company logos to fit onto peel off labels (bmp, jpg, gif and png file formats supported).
. Customer emails can now store the email sent into the order memo.
. When displaying order details you can Send emails, change order colours, ship orders, make payments, change order currency,
You can choose whether deleted orders affect stock levels.
. Exported order item details can now be exported onto the same line in the output file.
. Telephone and Mail Orders can now use Stock Control.
. Sales reports can be grouped (and totalled) by order, customer and product details.
. Orders can now be automatically archived.
. Stock levels (and stock required) and Bin locations can now be shown on reports (e.g. picking lists)
. Up to 65 orders per page can now be used (for Avery labels or similar).
. Invoice, Packing Lists and Purchase Orders can now be printed in batches.
. Invoices can now show reprint if printed more than once.
. The width (in characters) of printed addresses can now be configured
. Order of printing macro fields can be changed.
. Additional printing macro conditions added (for multiple order details, e.g. Postal Service AND country).
. Payment status can now be shown on invoices etc..
You can choose not to split VAT out for order shipping costs.
. Order of selectable Views can be changed.
. Automatically imported products can be optionally overwritten.
. Allow packing lists to not show unshipped items.
. Automatic PPI generation
Automatic sizing of logos for invoices (and labels).

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Interspire orders
Actinic Enterprise (SQL Server)
Support for up to 15 simultaneous Actinic Sites (all versions)
. Actinic shipping charges split equally with items in order
. Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) orders
German and Australian Ebay and Euro sales
OSOP imports support ISO country code mappings
. Playtrade Euro orders can be converted to (GBP)

Other Features
Imported orders and manually created orders now have unique prefixes
. Optionally display refunded orders
. Orders can be printed or displayed in Bin order (numeric or text)
. Support for printing more than 1 order per page
. Avery labels (16 and 21 orders per page) and 2 order shipping packing slip
. Shipping instructions can now be up to 255 characters
. Support for custom invoices and packing lists (accessible from options)
. ISO code can be displayed from order country. Useful for Metapack.